CDC Y.E.A.P. Program

Our mission is to empower Antelope Valley youth to become trendsetters in the fields of music and entertainment by challenging their creativity through collaboration with industry professionals.

Application will be open for submissions mid March


Here at Create Distribute Collect Studios our primary mission is to institute an environment where expression is encouraged, art is celebrated, and creativity is championed. Our staff is dedicated to advancing your career in entertainment by utilizing our resources to inspire, educate and prepare each individual with a comprehensive plan based on their individual needs.

To help realize this goal, we've institued a Youth Music Program that will support our goal of making music creation available to all interested youth. The goals of our program are:

  • • To provide youth with knowledge in the field of entertainment and arts
  • • To provide youth with enrichment and positive outlets after school hours
  • • Empowering youth to channel their creativity
  • • Promote academic achievement
  • • To create an individualized and hands on learning environment

How do I participate?

To apply, interested students must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • • All local high school students meeting the 2.8 GPA requirement are encouraged to apply
  • • There will be two application pools per school year
  • • Youth who apply in September will be considered for the fall workshop series
  • • Youth who apply in January will be considered for the winter and spring workshop series
  • • Applications will be available on CDC Studios website and paper application will be available for pick up from designated school counselor or at CDC Studios site. Youth may submit their application online or in person.
  • • Youth will select the department of interest on the application
  • • Youth are required to upload/attach a copy of their most recent report card
  • • Youth have the option to upload/attach any sample work (not required)
  • • 500 word essay required
  • • Parental contact information and consent required
  • • $15 application fee required

How are participants selected?

We go through a detailed internal process to identify the best students for each area. Our process includes:

  • • Department Specialist will review and screen all applicants
  • • Applicants will be contacted via telephone if they have been selected for an in person interview
  • • If selected, applicants will be contacted via telephone with notification of selection for the program and assigned a workshop series
  • • Applicants who were not selected for the program will be notified via email
  • • All youth selected for the program will be invited to a mandatory youth and parent orientation

How long does the program last?

We respect the time commitments of youth and have tailored our workshops so they do not intrude work or study time. Here's the basics of what to expect:

  • • All selected youth will participate in a 5 week workshop series with the Department Specialist
  • • Each workshop is designed to cover a different topic per session
  • • Each session will be held for 2 hours and parents are welcome to sit in
  • • Each youth will sign in and out at the start and completion of each session

What is covered in the workshops?

  • MUSIC ENGINEERING -- Youth will navigate through Protools and Logic Pro engineering programs while engaging in various topics per session including but not limited to; equipment set-up, audio recording, mixing, mastering, music composition and producing

  • PHOTOGRAPHY -- Youth will engage and navigate through the following photography features per session including but not limited to; equipment knowledge, shutter seeds, camera focus, adjust apertures, creating artificial light, using flashes, and using reflectors

  • VIDEOGRAPHY -- Youth will navigate through the following Adobe and Finalcut Pro photography programs while engaging in various topics per session including but not limited to; Black Magic 4K camera (with accessories), Adobe Premiere pro editing software, Rokinon Cine lenses, Final Cut Pro Editing software, lighting subjects and editing media footage

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN -- Youth will navigate through Adobe software while engaging in various topics per session including but not limited to; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, information design, page layout design, logo and identity design, print design and package design

  • NARRATIVE RESPONSES -- Each participant in the program will create a project specific to their department of interest to add to their personal portfolio. They will have the opportunity to gain input and feedback from Department Specialist in creating their project.

How do I apply?

Mark you calendar and try back mid March

We want your experience to be seamless and easy. Take a few minute to review the following information in order to expedite the process. You must provide all information as listed below, and you must upload all information at one time so please have everything together when you submit.